Natural Cleaning is a No-Nukes Approach

There have been many advancements in understanding the types of bacteria and what prevents them from reproducing. In many cases, simple solutions do the job very nicely. As consumers we are usually told by companies that only their tough, anti-bacterial products can destroy the contaminants lurking within your kitchen counter grout or your sink in the bathroom. These are very successful campaigns composed of tactics purposely designed so that you cannot use anything less than “nuclear grade chemicals” to rid your home of toxins. These ads are designed to make you fearful and buy their product. What they are not telling you is that their product is leaving behind traces of pollutants that might trigger your son’s asthma, your dog’s seizures or have other long term effects that may affect your health.

At GreenClean Colorado we take a simple approach that is effective and does the job correctly without the worry of long term exposure to toxins and chemicals. It’s one of the reasons we have an excellent group of technicians working with us. They are not exposed to harsh chemicals every day and so can breathe easier and leave the day with smooth hands which are not dried and irritated. It’s a better way to clean. Naturally.

So if you are hesitant about using a natural cleaning service, it may be just years of brain-washing from fearmongering commercials. Recognize it as a marketing ploy and try truly green cleaning for yourself. You may be pleasantly surprised by how effective it can be!

Natural Residential Cleaning Fort Collins, CO

We care about you and the earth. It’s a good thing

We hope that by sharing our natural cleaning philosophy, you know just a little more about our company. We appreciate your business and work hard every day to ensure you are safe and chemical free in your fresh, clean, home or office. Thank you!

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