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 You love your space and take great care in gathering the most amazing combinations of colors, stylish furniture, textures, pillows, lamps, wall decorations – you name it – so that when you come home it is a reflection of you and your personality. A little bit of disarray and scattered things might upset you. In order to be somewhere on time, you might leave your gym bag from yesterday in the kitchen. Or perhaps its the magazines you flipped through the night before scattered about the coffee table. With so many things not in their place it’s easy to overlook the dirt on the rug, or the dust near the lamp that is usually dimmer at night. What’s an orderly person to do?

At Green Clean Colorado we know all about being busy – because we are busy too! But we are organized and keep a tidy team hopping during the day to make sure your home is not just spotless, but also cleaned naturally so as to not have your watery eyes and runny nose interrupt your favorite arts & crafts project or tv episode. We get it! We like to relax too. And we relax in comfort knowing that our clients homes and businesses are cleaned with all natural products that will not leave a fake clean smell or chemical residue behind.

Once you’ve decorated – let’s keep it nice, shall we? Give us a call and experience the beauty of a tidy, naturally clean home. Fill out our Green Clean Colorado estimate form and we will be in touch!

We Can Help with Cleaning for Holidays or Imminent Guests

Thanksgiving and Christmas are the best times to enjoy the season and have fun with your friends and family. Visions of twinkly lights, cinnamon scented aromas, snow frosted front window decorations and good times fill your thoughts until, wait-a-minute . . . is the house ready for the in-laws?

Natural Residential Cleaning Fort Collins, CO

Many couples end up exhausted after trying to clean their home for guests. It’s often the thing that will drain your energy the most because when you start you realize that – uh oh – we really should have vacuumed more and where did these pizza boxes come from? and why can’t the kids just learn to put things away? The list goes on and on! What seemed like a quick “let’s straighten up things” activity has turned into an all day event – there’s no time or energy to do anything else!

Why not concentrate in the kitchen conjuring up all those great recipes you just downloaded from Pinterest and leave the cleaning to GreenClean Colorado? We will have it “Mother-in-Law” ready for you in no time at all! It’s what we do every day.

We use our special hepa filters, all natural cleaning products, and our efficient cleaning techniques to make your home sparkle and smell fresh – with no chemical residue. Imagine having a nice, neat home awaiting you for your guests.

So go ahead and invite the guests, pull out those recipes and spend time doing what you love to do and let us do what we do best – clean your home. Call us now at 970-663-0018 and we’ll pass inspection from the toughest family member!

Tell them you straightened up “just a bit”! We won’t tell!


Moving Furniture helps with Fall Cleaning

 Fall is the time when we prepare for winter and also put away our summer items of clothing and decorations. In doing these activities we find some surprises! Dust, dirt, spiders and other “unwanted guests” might have unwittingly taken up residence in your summer displays. Maybe they were brought in from the greenhouse or the flower store. Either way, fall cleaning will refresh your living space.

Moving your furniture around to a new location makes things interesting and allows you to clean behind the couches, chairs, tables and other areas that normally stay in one spot. Many people turn furniture away from a fireplace area in the summer to take advantage of the sunshine coming in from a different direction. When it starts to get cold again, we are all “mecca” to the fireplace for those cozy, cool nights. Moving your furniture helps in so many ways. Consider a complete fall cleaning with furniture out of the way.

Windows are important in Fall Cleaning

Natural Residential Cleaning with Green Clean Colorado | Fort Collins, Colorado

Summertime brings rain and for us here in the Front Range area of Colorado, the High Park Fire consumed many acres in early Springtime. Your windows may still have a bit of soot or grime on them from the ash fall. Over time you get used to it and it is not noticeable. All it takes is for a guest to announce a visit and you start to look at those windows and it’s a big shock! Let the team at Green Clean Colorado take care of that for you with your Fall Cleaning activities.

As with Spring cleaning, Fall cleaning prepares your household for the wintertime when typically windows are shut and air does not move as much inside the home. Be sure to clean using all-natural products to protect the health and welfare of your family, friends and pets. Call us at Green Clean Colorado and schedule your Fall Cleaning today! We can be reached at 970-663-0018.

Natural Cleaning is a No-Nukes Approach

There have been many advancements in understanding the types of bacteria and what prevents them from reproducing. In many cases, simple solutions do the job very nicely. As consumers we are usually told by companies that only their tough, anti-bacterial products can destroy the contaminants lurking within your kitchen counter grout or your sink in the bathroom. These are very successful campaigns composed of tactics purposely designed so that you cannot use anything less than “nuclear grade chemicals” to rid your home of toxins. These ads are designed to make you fearful and buy their product. What they are not telling you is that their product is leaving behind traces of pollutants that might trigger your son’s asthma, your dog’s seizures or have other long term effects that may affect your health.

At GreenClean Colorado we take a simple approach that is effective and does the job correctly without the worry of long term exposure to toxins and chemicals. It’s one of the reasons we have an excellent group of technicians working with us. They are not exposed to harsh chemicals every day and so can breathe easier and leave the day with smooth hands which are not dried and irritated. It’s a better way to clean. Naturally.

So if you are hesitant about using a natural cleaning service, it may be just years of brain-washing from fearmongering commercials. Recognize it as a marketing ploy and try truly green cleaning for yourself. You may be pleasantly surprised by how effective it can be!

Natural Residential Cleaning Fort Collins, CO

We care about you and the earth. It’s a good thing

We hope that by sharing our natural cleaning philosophy, you know just a little more about our company. We appreciate your business and work hard every day to ensure you are safe and chemical free in your fresh, clean, home or office. Thank you!