Moving Furniture helps with Fall Cleaning

 Fall is the time when we prepare for winter and also put away our summer items of clothing and decorations. In doing these activities we find some surprises! Dust, dirt, spiders and other “unwanted guests” might have unwittingly taken up residence in your summer displays. Maybe they were brought in from the greenhouse or the flower store. Either way, fall cleaning will refresh your living space.

Moving your furniture around to a new location makes things interesting and allows you to clean behind the couches, chairs, tables and other areas that normally stay in one spot. Many people turn furniture away from a fireplace area in the summer to take advantage of the sunshine coming in from a different direction. When it starts to get cold again, we are all “mecca” to the fireplace for those cozy, cool nights. Moving your furniture helps in so many ways. Consider a complete fall cleaning with furniture out of the way.

Windows are important in Fall Cleaning

Natural Residential Cleaning with Green Clean Colorado | Fort Collins, Colorado

Summertime brings rain and for us here in the Front Range area of Colorado, the High Park Fire consumed many acres in early Springtime. Your windows may still have a bit of soot or grime on them from the ash fall. Over time you get used to it and it is not noticeable. All it takes is for a guest to announce a visit and you start to look at those windows and it’s a big shock! Let the team at Green Clean Colorado take care of that for you with your Fall Cleaning activities.

As with Spring cleaning, Fall cleaning prepares your household for the wintertime when typically windows are shut and air does not move as much inside the home. Be sure to clean using all-natural products to protect the health and welfare of your family, friends and pets. Call us at Green Clean Colorado and schedule your Fall Cleaning today! We can be reached at 970-663-0018.

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